jeudi 12 avril 2018

Il fallait oser

Principe de la confiance
Quand le co-fondateur de Airbnb illustre en 30s le principe de confiance qui est à la base de son business. 

dimanche 8 avril 2018

âkâsha et prâna

Alexandre et le temps

Thought this is a meaningful clip for us to reflect on how we spend our TIME in different aspects of our life. I made a mistake in my previous lifestyle as regional sr executive by spending 75% of my time on my work and career at the expense of my personal and family time. Having transformed and a chance in living my 2nd lifestyle, I have changed my time priority where work & business takes 40%, family time takes 40%, personal development takes 10%, giving back to society takes 10%. I may not be gaining much materialistic wealth as before. But I am much happier and peaceful where I am able to connect and find meaningful relationships with every one I touch... Something to reflect over this weekend..

Ping Pong

Quand t'as décroché aucun rendez-vous après ta journée de prospection