dimanche 16 février 2014

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

We are given 24 hours on a daily basis. All of us. We get the same number of hours each day. If we look at it intelligently, we can divide the 24 hours by 3 and the quotient is 8 hours. We commonly use 8 hours for sleeping, another 8 hours for work, and the last set of 8 hours for family or loved ones related activities like eating out, going to the movies, and the like.
This post will focus on the 8 hours we devote to sleeping. Everyone will agree that the 8 hours we use for working is vital for our lives so we can support the other third of the 24 hours given to us which is intended for family related activities. However, the most neglected third of the 24 hour days is the one supposed to be for sleeping. Most of us are guilty of using some of the sleeping hours on a regular basis, say 2 to 3 hours, for additional time in working. The rest is used in leisure or family oriented activities. This mistake is dangerous. Know the reasons why below. Put together by Health Science Degree  and created by Obizmedia.

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