samedi 2 janvier 2010

Samudrika Shastra : Reading Faces

Face reading opens up a whole new world of information. Reading a person’s face give you insight into who the individual is, what they are about, and how should you interact with them.
The face is the index of the mind. It reveals the nature of childhood, past lives, and gives insight into the individual’s propensities and aptitude. The basic idea behind Vedic face reading is that your gross physical body is lying on your subtle body which has been in development for many lifetimes
In this regard the whole body can be a source of information. Some of this is described in the Vedic text dedicated to this subject (Samudrika Shastra). Although the whole body carries information the face is the most informative part of the body because it is the most muscularly complex.
Face reading is a fascinating tool for exploring who we are, as well as learning what is possible, both for us and others. After all knowledge is power.

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