jeudi 5 juin 2014

3 Keys to Being a Leader

Whether you are leading a work team, a division, a company or an industry, you need 3 critical steps you must take to transform your leadership efforts from good to great.
They are:
Be a General. Teams need fearless, strategic leadership. A great general does not just shout orders. A general understands the big picture of the task ahead and deploys resources strategically for the greatest chance of success. Are you amassing your strategic skills? Are you looking not just at your own tasks, but also at the larger landscape, in order to work and lead strategically?
Be a Teacher. You will generate the most loyal and productive teams if you are able not just to lead, but also to teach. Can you support and instruct others so that they can be more successful in their jobs? Can you understand what makes you successful and communicate that to others so that they can follow your example? You may be an inspired genius, but your success will rest on your ability to communicate that to others and teach them to execute on your level.
Be an Optimist. Business is a difficult path. There are many challenges, many hurdles, many failures. To be a great leader, you must be a great optimist. Set extraordinary goals – and then be fully confident your team will get there. Think about how you feel when you hear instructions. If you hear, “Well, just do the best you can” does that feel different than hearing “Go for it. I believe in you!”
Embracing the 3 elements of great leadership will bring you – and those you lead – three steps closer to success.

Photo Credit: Kennosuke Yamaguchi
"坂本龍馬像" (Statue of Sakamoto Ryouma)

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