vendredi 6 juin 2014

Distinct signs of Boiling Frog Syndrome

Anecdote regarding Boiling Frog Syndrome is widely known. A frog placed in a boiling water will certainly jump out. What if the frog is initially placed in a cold water and the water is gradually heated up? The results are going to be different.
Gradually increasing ambient temperature is bound to offer a soothing effect on the frog. It tends to keep adjusting itself with the variations but there is a limit to it. There will be a point beyond which frog's metabolism cannot cope up and has to ultimately die.
We always enjoy the subtle changes in the workplace and tend to adjust ourselves. If the change outside is faster than that of inside, for sure you have a devastating impact in the pipeline. Although it is not easy to pull yourself out of the comfort zone, it is becoming increasingly important to prepare for change.
Distinct signs below indicates that you are getting yourself into the comfort zone
#1 Learning: Let's say you have 5 years of experience in a company. You introspect and find that your learning process has stopped after the 1st year. Then, your overall experience is just 1 year multiplied by 5 years and it is suicidal.
#2 Growth: Your counterparts are given much higher pay pack increase and you are given a token increment or nothing for consecutive years
#3 Responsibilities: Despite your company's growth, your profile has either got stagnant or shrinking
#4 Spare time: You have more than 30% spare time and wondering on how to spend
#5 Presence or Absence: It is immaterial for your department or company whether you are present or absent.
#6 Consultations: You are not approached for any decision making or improvement process within the company
Course of action:
To overcome the Comfort Zones, you can undertake some or combination of following initatives
~ Look for relevant education program and qualify yourself
~ Opt for part time teaching to enhance knowledge and build network
~ Participate in groups relevant to your profession
~ Explore job opportunities outside
~ If necessary, do not hesitate to change your domain. For instance, you may look for Opportunities in Sales if there are no potential in your current Technical Services domain
~ Experiment new avenues like consulting for enhancing your earning potential
~ Spend few hours in week reading stories of great achievers to motivate yourself
If you want to get what you did not have, you have to do what you have not done. Stay away from comfort zones and always experiment discomfort zones. You will be amazed with the great opportunities that come your way!!

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