lundi 9 juin 2014

What Matters Most to Your Business?

Every generation has a defining industry – from the textile and manufacturing industries of the late eighteenth century to the transportation and communications industries that connected the world.
This year, HP is celebrating its 75 anniversary, which is a milestone in its own right. And through our 75 years, we’ve seen shifts in industries coming to the fore, and led some of these changes as well.
Today, massive shifts are occurring once again, driven by mobility, big data, security, and cloud. And with this shift comes opportunities that are truly transformative for business and society.
But while we in the technology industry like to proselytize about the promise of these forces, in reality, organizations are struggling to keep up.
When I meet with customers, they often tell me that their greatest challenge is capitalizing on these new technologies to unlock the full potential of their business. And, a recent survey HP conducted of business leaders and IT decision makers confirms they are not alone. A whopping 98% believe that more effective use of technology can increase their organization’s revenue and competitive advantage.
To help narrow the gap between hype and reality, I have convened some of the brightest minds in business to share their perspectives on technology in a new online magazine, HP Matter.
These friends and colleagues have experienced first-hand the potential of technology today; and, in doing so, have developed their own personal visions for technology-driven solutions in the future.
I have asked them to share their frank perspectives because I believe they can help executives and IT decision makers frame the way they think about their own big IT decisions and showcase the power of technology. My hope is that these contributions will provide a foundation for robust conversations.
In the first issue of HP Matter, leaders from government, business and the arts discuss technology’s impact on the enterprise, the big shifts that are changing business as we know it, and the issues our survey results revealed as mattering most to you.
  • SECURING YOUR BUSINESS: For the 42% of you who ranked security as your top technology concern, former Director of Homeland Security, Secretary Michael Chertoff sheds light on the complexities of securing an enterprise, be it a government or a corporation. With hackers now targeting everything from banks to baby monitors, cybersecurity must be top of mind for all organizations – large and small.
  • CHANGING COMMUNICATION: Even if you don’t work in the IT industry, your life has likely been impacted by shifting technologies. Ray Ozzie, former CTO of Microsoft and creator of Lotus Notes, discusses technology’s impact on the way we communicate with one another – in both the enterprise and in our daily lives – and how we can expect technology to change the way we interact in the near and distant future.
  • MISSION-DRIVEN TECHNOLOGY: For the 87% who said technology is central to your company’s mission, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner discusses the relevant shifts in workforce behaviors, how your company’s culture will impact your future, and LinkedIn’s vision for using technology to address unemployment.
  • EVOLVING INDUSTRIES: Director of the Sundance Institute, Keri Putnam, provides a 360° view of the evolution of the film industry. In her business and others, this new style of IT has leveled the playing field, removing size and scale as barriers to entry. The result is new players, new products and entirely new distribution and profit streams.
  • INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: And, for the 73% of you who said you were unsure how best to develop and use cloud solutions, Aneel Bhusi, CEO of Workday, explains how early-adoption of the cloud helped him compete with industry incumbents and innovate in a way that creates business value for his customers.
From grappling with big data, to journeying to the cloud, to securing their enterprises, there is no question that CIOs, CTOs and IT professionals around the world face a daunting task. But as Michael, Ray, Jeff, Keri and Aneel explain here, huge opportunities exist for the companies that can bridge the gap between old infrastructure and the new style of IT.
As the CEO of HP, my focus is on leveraging these new technologies to create business value for our customers. I hope the perspectives shared in HP Matter will inspire you to unlock the technologies that matter most to your business.

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