mardi 29 décembre 2009

It's just an illusion : Visual and Audio Highs

Audio Highs

Synchronize your brain hemispheres, meditate your chakras, or annoy the hell out of your roommate with the aural highs below.

Binaural Beats, Cambiata Illusion, Chromatic Illusion, Colored Noise, Disappearing Noise, Holophonic Sound, Psuedo-Tomatis Healing Sounds, Risset Rhythm, Shepard-Risset Glissando, Shepard Tones, Theta Wave Brain Synchronization ,Yucatecan Trance Induction Beats

Visual Highs

Melt your mind, confuse your ganglion cells, and baffle your fusiform gyrus with the visual highs below.

Benham’s Disk, The Cafe Wall, Chronosynclastic Infundibulum (aka Rotating Snake), Enigma,Equiluminance, Face Off, Fraser Spiral, Wow! Hermann’s Sparkling Grid!, Ouchi Goochi,Pirouette Silhouette, Syd Barrett–Dedicated Fractal Acid Words, Troxler’s Fading, Vomit Vectors, Ye Olde Zöllner Lines, (Ze) Autostereogram

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