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Hi, my name is Cecil (@cecildjx) and I live in Bordeaux, France. I am an IT Professional with 25 year international experience, Enterprise 2.0 activist, Lean & Agile Methodologies practitionner, change agent, proud dad of two digital natives, guitarist/songwriter in an indie rock band and a book lover (literature, philosophy, business books).
I have been lucky enough to live and work in different European countries. This experience feeds my thoughts regarding cultures and organizations in an interconnected world : this is what this blog is all about. One of this blog article has been discussed on the New York Times.
I am the author of french ebook “hyperchange – petit guide de la conduite du changement dans l’économie de la connaissance“. I have been invited for public speaking in conferences (USI in Paris, European Lean IT Summit, Social Business Forum in Milano, Metronum 2011 and Chaires du Numérique in Bordeaux), in large institutions Masterclasses (European Commission, INSEP) and I have contributed to the french collaborative book on Enterprise 2.0, the OWNI Social Networks french e-book 2010.
As Alex Barnett puts it : This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.
Thanks for clicking by and for reading. Any comment is much appreciated.
Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy !
Note : The name of this blog is #hypertextual. I strongly believe hyperlinks are the greatest asset of the internet as they allow to connect ideas, people and contents and make these connection activable and real-time. I understand it may be confusing/boring to have all these links while reading. Yet, I believe there is more value in showing the links so that people can navigate them if they would than not giving any.

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