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Le PDG de HP part après une enquête pour harcèlement

Jodie Fisher fait tomber un grand patron à 50 ans

Et si HP voulait simplement se débarasser de son PDG

HP - Un fonds de pension poursuit les administrateurs en justice

Un fonds de pension du Massachusetts a intenté des poursuites en justice à l'encontre des administrateurs de Hewlett-Packard, leur reprochant de ne pas avoir respecté leurs devoirs de loyauté lors du départ du directeur général Mark Hurd, dont la soudaineté a entraîné une chute du cours de l'action en Bourse.

Mark Hurd forcé de démissionner

Exaspération des employés de HP, exigences salariales démesurées : les vraies raisons de l'éviction de Mark Hurd ?

Accusé de harcèlement sexuel, le PDG de Hewlett-Packard démissionne

Le PDG de HP Mark Hurd contraint de démissionner

Le PDG de HP part après une enquête pour harcèlement

Scandale sexuel chez HP

Nouveau scandale chez HP: le PDG part après une enquête pour harcèlement

Le PDG d'HP part après une enquête pour harcèlement

HP: le PDG Mark Hurd démissionne après des accusations de harcèlement sexuel

HP: le PDG Mark Hurd démissionne après des accusations de harcèlement sexuel

Nouveau scandale chez HP : le PDG démissionne, accusé de harcèlement sexuel

Départ du PDG de HP après une enquête pour harcèlement

HP’s Mark Hurd Resigns After Sexual-Harassment Probe

He's obsessed with numbers and execution. In other words, the HP CEO is the guy you want running a company in a recession. But is he a CEO for the age ?

HP chief Hurd quits after sexual harassment claim

Ousted HP CEO Mark Hurd to Receive $40M-$50M Takeaway,2817,2367513,00.asp
HP: Details on Hurd’s Severance Package

HP CEO Hurd resigns over sexual harassment investigation;txt

Woman in Hurd probe 'surprised, saddened';txt

Woman in HP scandal "saddened" by CEO's ouster

Jodie's Bio


Who Will Replace Him ?


The Big Lie: Spying, Scandal, and Ethical Collapse at Hewlett Packard

« The HP Phenomenon »

Sexual Harassment? Please. Here's The Real Mark Hurd Scandal At HP

Did HP Put A Hit On Mark Hurd?

Mark Hurd, Ousted HP CEO, Had The Lowest Approval Rating Of Any Major Tech CEO

Hewlett-Packard Still Can't Handle the Truth

The Big Lie: Spying, Scandal, and Ethical Collapse at Hewlett Packard

Jodie [Fisher] Will Likely Get 300,000 Thank You Notes

HP Shouldn't Pay for Hurd's Mistakes - Today's Outrage

Ellison's Misguided Attack on HP Over Hurd - Today's Outrage

Mark Hurd's Excesses Were in Plain Sight

HP's next act: How the board, company and investors can recover from the Hurd scandal

5 Reasons HP's Mark Hurd Resigned

Jodie Fisher's Most Important Movie: 'Night Nurses From Jersey'

HP: la sucession de Mark Hurd s'ouvre - sans précipitation

Actress Jodie Fisher Identified as Woman in HP CEO's Ouster

Jodie Fisher, Mark Hurd wife & children: Fisher, Mark Hurd updates (photos)

Le PDG de HP Mark Hurd contraint de démissionner

H.P. Ousts Chief for Hiding Payments to Friend

Mark Hurd, HP’s Toxic CEO resigns after a sexual harassment investigation.

Corruptions : HP nie mais signe un accord avec l’Etat américain pour mettre fin aux poursuites

HP : Larry Ellison (Oracle) prend la défense de Mark Hurd


Mark Hurd, CEO, Hewlett-Packard - Haas School
Mark Hurd, CEO HP, interviewed at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Orlando 2009

Hewlett-Packard was THE iconic American company for sixty years for (1) Innovative Products; (2) High-Quality Products; (3) Incredible Loyalty by employees for company leadership; and (4) Unshakeable Ethics and Integrity with customers, vendors, and employees. HP under two outsider CEOs for the past decade has seemingly erased each of these iconic qualities. Attenuation, even destruction, of the first three is evident if we believe customers, analysts, or employee feedback on blogs and even HP's Voice of the Workforce surveys. This at a time that HP has grown via acquisition to become the largest high-tech firm on the planet, 20% larger by revenue than IBM or Samsung -- larger than Apple, Intel, and Cisco put together.

Mark Hurd, it seems, was hated by HP'ers (and concall)
In the days after Mark Hurd's surprise 'resignation' it's become clearer and clearer that he was mainly despised by HP employees. He's blamed by many for a precipitous drop in employee morale (not to mention their compensation). Now come the allegations that the HP Board of Directors used Jodie Fisher's sexual harassment charge as an excuse to get rid of him. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers pick over the bones of the story, five days on.


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