lundi 25 juin 2012

Who Are The Most Social CEOs in Tech ?

A few weeks back produced a list of the highest rated CEOs, including a sub-list of the highest rated Tech CEOs. Apple‘s Tim Cook sits atop both piles. The guys at PeekYou gave the list a nice twist by looking at the top ten’s social performance. Meg Whitman comes out top in their list. Take a look at her Facebook page here.
The Glassdoor rankings are based on feedback from employees, say Glassdoor, “who were asked one simple survey question: Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?”
In the Glassdoor list the top rated tech CEOs behind Tim Cook are Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm and Larry Page of Google, followed by Paul Ottelini of Intel and Paul Maritz, VMWare. Whitman is in 9th, which suggests that her communications internally are perhaps not as effective as those externally.
The top social CEOs in the tech business behind Whitman are Larry Ellison, Larry Page, Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos. So here are the most social CEOs (those that are most active and connected online) among those most highly rated by their employees. Sorry about the graphic quality.

And here are the top ten Tech CEOs as rated by employees in the Glassdoor survey.

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