vendredi 20 août 2010

Des voyous en col blanc ?

So … Do You Still Want to Be a CEO ?
It wasn't long ago that top CEOs were the superstars of the business world. But now, as entire industries struggle, chief executives are increasingly taking the blame for their companies' failures. As CEOs pilot their organizations through the storm, they face increased pressure, fewer perks, and a transformed role that requires a new set of competencies and more rapid decision making than ever before. In this article published in The Conference Board Review, Jim Citrin details the traits an executive needs to thrive as CEO in this challenging business environment.

When should CEOs be fired?
The growing trend to fire CEOs quickly raises the question of when they should be let go. Should a chief executive be removed at the first hint of a difficulty, or should boards stand behind him or her. There is a difference between good CEOs who make mistakes and CEOs who are unable to lead and drive profitable top-line growth. No CEO is mistake-free. Tom Neff looks at why it may be better to support a CEO in crisis rather than immediately look at finding a replacement.

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