vendredi 11 octobre 2013

Let's treat violence like a contagious disease

45 minutes ago: Fascinating. Controlling violence like one would control a disease. And it is working. Not only in America, but around the world.

Near the end of the video, Dr. Slutkin mentioned using this process to control Malaria. Throughout the video, at different times, he had mentioned other diseases.

The way that Jim Humble's MMS works to cure - yes, CURE - malaria is very interesting. Probably nobody knows entirely how MMS works in a person's body. But the gist of it is, MMS is able to transport oxygen to places in the body where oxygen normally doesn't get in sufficient supply. These places include disease areas. And once the oxygen gets to the disease area, it automatically, through natural oxygen chemical reactions, kills pathogens and cures the disease... not only malaria, but all kinds of diseases.

The point is, what if a vast amount of violence is due to lack of oxygen availability in the body? What if the reduction of oxygen in the big cities because of smog, is the major factor the irritability in people that causes them to become violent? After all, if violence responds to medical type treatment that is adjusted for violence rather than disease - Dr Slutkin's therapy - perhaps violence would best respond to the greatest major disease inhibitor... OXYGEN... as shown by Jim Humble using MMS against disease.

Low atmospheric oxygen - as low as 15% in some big cities, near 21% in general on average around the world, and as high as 35% in ancient history - may be one of the great culprits behind virtually all disease and violence that exist today.

Red Cross World Sensation! Malaria finally defeated!

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