dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Thandie Newton : Accepter autrui, s'accepter soi-même

Speakers Thandie Newton: Actor

Thandie Newton
Swinging from Hollywood blockbusters to sensitive indie films, Thandie Newton brings thoughtfulness and delicate beauty to her work.

Why you should listen to her:

Filmgoers first encountered Thandie Newton in the 1991 film Flirting, a tender and skin-crawlingly honest film about young love and budding identity. In her career since then, she’s brought that same intimate touch even to big Hollywood films (she was the moral center of Mission: Impossible II, for instance, and the quiet heart of the head-banging 2012), while maintaining a strong sideline in art films, like the acclaimed Crash and last year’s adaptation of Ntozake Shange’s For colored girls ...

Born in England, her mother is Zimbabwean, and Newton is active in nonprofit work across the African continent. In 2008, she visited Mali for a campaign to bring clean water to six African nations, and as a V Day board member, Newton visited the Congo earlier this year to raise awareness of the chronic issue of sexual violence toward women and girls.

"Thandie Newton can boast that rarest of combinations - leading-actress looks with a character-actress CV."
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Thandie Newton est une actrice anglaise née le 6 novembre 1972, fille d'un père anglais et d'une mère zimbabwienne.


Elle passe ses premières années en Zimbabwe mais doit la quitter dès l'âge de quatre ans en raison de l’insécurité due aux troubles politiques. Elle grandit en Angleterre et développe à la London’Art Educational School ses talents en danse et en comédie.


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