samedi 12 novembre 2011

Watch This Superhydrophobic Coating Repel Chocolate Syrup And Save Me Future Embarrassments

Water and electronics are not good bedfellows, but a new silicon-based sprayable coating that makes gadgets completely waterproof has me even more excited for its other applications. Like making clothing impervious to food stains, as demonstrated in this video.

The miracle product that makes this possible is called NeverWet, developed by Ross Nanotechnology to allow liquids and heavy oils to slide off machinery and electronics. Upon application, the superhydrophobic silicon-based coating creates a 160 to 175 degree contact angle, making it nearly impervious for liquids to gain a foothold. Chocolate syrup, the mortal enemy of white fabrics, basically slides off a pair of Keds without leaving a mark. And an even more dramatic video on the company's website shows a working iPhone submerged under water for half an hour. A test that usually results in failure after just a minute.

Ross Nanotechnology is hoping to break into the coatings market with their new product, but admits it's not easy given how long other products have already been on the market. So worse comes to worse, they can always set up a booth at county fairs, carnivals and other local exhibitions where products like this seem to always start their life. [NeverWet via CNET]

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