dimanche 15 décembre 2013

HP Discover 2013: As it happened

HP Discover Barcelona has become one of the must-attend enterprise conferences of the year, featuring hundreds of sessions covering the hottest topics in the IT industry today – big data, converged cloud, mobility, security, risk management and more.
With 10,000 attendees pouring into the Fira de Barcelona Conference Centre in Grand Via (the second largest conference centre in Europe), over 75 sponsors, 35 industry analysts and 500 sessions taking place over two-and-a-half days, this was definitely not one to miss.
As the hosts put it:
"HP Discover is your best opportunity in 2013 to learn how to put HP innovation to work for you. More than 7,000 IT executives, managers, architects, engineers, and solution experts from around the world will gather at HP Discover to explore technology developments, strategies, and best practices. Featuring hundreds of business and technical sessions, HP Discover will equip your organization to convert data into value, technology into solutions, and ideas into economic and social impact."
The conference saw HP announce a partnership with Conservation International to fight species extinction, and a new system for managing hybrid clouds, HP CloudSystem. HP also revamped its Converged Systems products, with two brand new services, Converged Systems and Converged Storage.
We also spoke to Tom Joyce, senior vice president of HP Converged Systems, about HP's advancements in converged systems and big data, as well as David Chalmers, vice president and chief technoogist of the HP Enterprise Group, about big data and networking technologies. We also got to speak to HP's resident cloud expert Terence Ngai about how HP's new clouds work, and which cloud might be right for your business.
To keep you up to date with the action, ITProPortal brought you live commentary, photos and analysis from Barcelona, as well as all the breaking news as it lands. If you missed the conference, make sure to check out all the developments as they happened.

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