mardi 18 octobre 2011

1-year-old thinks a magazine is a broken iPad

This will either make you giggle or weep. And even if you giggle, it might be out of nervous fear for the future rather than joy.

For here is a one-year-old who believes all media are now touchscreen-enabled. She seems not to understand that a magazine--Marie-Claire, in this example--doesn't take to pinching or prodding.

The video was posted by Jean-Louis Costanza, George's lost French cousin (not), currently the CEO at Orange-Vallee, a subsidiary of the France Telecom brand Orange.

I thank Laughing Squid for alerting me to Costanza's one-year-old daughter, who will clearly be ahead of any curve she wishes to be ahead of by the time she is, say, five.

Many will find it entertaining how she tries to pinch the pages of the magazine. Many will nod sagely on hearing Costanza's conclusions. The video shows, he declared, that for a child, a magazine "has no use and is impossible to understand."

They will nod even more sagely at the video's last words: "Steve Jobs has coded a part of her OS."

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