lundi 28 avril 2014

Artist’s Amazing Face Painting Skills Transforms Children’s Faces

A New Zealand based artist, Christy Lewis aka Daizy, is fast gaining popularity on the internet with her innovative and realistic body paint and designs. The artist loves to paint children’s faces and turns them into brilliant creatures. According to Christy, she always had the passion to draw surreal and hyper realistic images and made sure she translated her thoughts onto paper – or in most cases, in the form of body art and face painting. She often employs the help of her two daughters and husband, Mark, who photographs a lot of her art work.
Because of her passion and enthusiasm for art, the family decided to establish Daizy Design Face Painting. Christy’s characters include animals, fictional characters, fairy tales and even comic book heroes.

Christy_Lewis_art Christy_Lewis_art christy_lewis_art

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